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Taxidermia is a 2006 surrealist comedy-drama horror film directed by György Pálfi. An international co-production of Hungary, Austria and France, the film is a metaphorical socio-political retelling of Hungary's history from the Second World War to the present day.


The story is told by means of three generations of men from Hungary, beginning with a military orderly during the Second World War, moving on to an aspiring speed-eater during the Cold War, and concluding with a taxidermist during contemporary times. The film contains elements of dark comedy and body horror.


My Glass Hand

30 Jan. 2016

I can see my veins, my blood is visible to my eyes…


See through me, I am liquid, I am transparent, as we all should be… Skin is useless, I envy translucent organisms from the deep abyss… I want light to get through me, I reflect the light and even the reflection isn’t strong enough. Living in darkness… Light goes away, skin protects sensitive organs, also hides life… What is inside? How does my insides look like? A part of me feels the need to find out, another part of me is disgusted by the idea, the common phrase “I hate my guts” makes sense to me…


My hands are made of glass… I can see my veins, my circulatory system… Glass is cold, it touches your skin and you crawl… I am replacing my limbs, the limbs are my servants… They have a life of their own… I cannot control them, you are the one who controls them… You demand action, they give you actions, they get to work for you…


I want to see how my insides look like, how your insides looks like, I want to replace your limbs and parts with transparent glass…


I envy the guy in the movie “Taxidermia” by György Pálfi, where in the end he creates a mechanism for him to perform anthropomorphic taxidermy on himself. Taxi- means order and Derma- means skin, bringing order to the skin… The real reason for taxidermy is to explore the insides of a living organism… Skinning, stuffing, labeling, repeat… PRESERVE…


Taxidermia (2006)


Can I preserve myself? Do I have to die and rot? I am rotten inside already, every human is rotten inside, our insides stink, they smell… Skin covers the smell… Beautiful and morbid, yet the need isn’t strong enough to become a passion… Reconstruction is the target, recreating the moment, preserving the memory, continuing the legacy… Stay focused they said, be the greatest, trust your gut… Remember to preserve yourself after you die… Someone else will…