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Motel Hell - The Arrow Video Story

94. Motel Hell

12 Mar. 2016

There is one single reason this horror black comedy had made it to this list of real/realistic horror movies. It's not the cannibalism or the TCM tribute-like elements. It's not the Batrs-Hello Motel sign. It's the removal of the vocal chords and the preservation of the live bodies. Keep them alive! Keep the pigs silent. Way darker than they way they have shot this.

Taking a wrong turn is not a unique idea. A couple murdering "innocents" or butchering them, it was a bit unique for 1980. It all has to do with how the two leads- the couple owning the motel- have gotten into their parts. They are not entirely convincing, and that is what makes them special. Real serial killers are sociopaths 99% of the time. They can communicate well, they laugh at times. Cold-blooded in a way, that was never presented up to this point in cinema history. With the exception of Deranged about the life of Ed Gein, this was a fresh approach, that still holds up.

It can't make it to the top of any list, but this belongs here. Keeping bodies in the backyard! It is a true nightmare. The owners trick you to think they are just an old couple. The movie tricks you into believing this is a comedy of sorts. And then it hits you at a deeper subconscious level. This is a Gacy-Dahmer case, this is possible, turning people into vegetable-meat-zombies. Not for fucking them, like those two did, for treating them like livestock. Imagine a world without animals. The demand for meat will force some people to find their way of creating their own little human farms. It is a scary thought!